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David Kelly

David's goal is to share his music and to perform for as many people as he can possibly reach out to and touch with his music, and to positively inspire and uplift all those who desire to listen.

Follow him on his magical  musical journey of piano, keyboard and keytar wizardry.......

David began playing the piano at the early age of 5 at which time he took a strong interest to classical music very early on inspired by his Mother who was a classical pianist. Every night before bedtime she would play around an hour of classical music. David would just sit, listen and learn. David started taking piano a little more serious at around 11 years old when his father bought him a Drum set and set David up with Jazz Drum lessons.

David was more into the piano but he put 100% effort into the Drums for about 2 years while playing scales and classical music on the piano whenever he had the chance. After about 2 years of drum studies David's father sold the Drum set and bought him his very first electric portable piano called the Fender 73 Rhodes electric piano. Everyday after school David would sit and practice nothing but scales for hours and hours a day everyday.

It was a couple years later, David found himself in Pop Rock cover bands performing in various clubs all around Ventura and Hollywood Ca.

David embraces many different styles of music ~ Rock, Blues, Metal, Classical, ragtime, progressive, metal, Pop, jazz, swing and Standards.


From the time David's fingertips hit the acoustic piano it was only a matter of time before his desire to further expand his musical communication tools from the piano to the addition of electric keyboards came quickly after joining a Rock band and due to the high demand at that time for allot of organ and synth work, it was inevitable.

So many keyboard greats like  John Lord, Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson were just a few of David's favorites that he studied intensely which helped him develop his own style on synth and organ work and continues to open new and exciting dimensions to all of his contributions to musical works.


"Integrating the performance of Keytar with my piano keyboard compositions took awhile before executing seamlessly"


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